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Block Machine and Brick Machine Manufacturer in China

Quanzhou Hongyi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hongyi manufactures a wide selection of block machine and brick machine, including block making machine, paving block machine, concrete brick machine, cement brick machine and so on. We also offer automatic and semi-automatic block production line for making hollow block, floor brick, turf block, interlocking revetment block, paving block and paving block. Our block machine and brick machine are widely applied for exterior hardscape applications. More

    1. QT6-15 Block Making Machine
    2. Equipped with an international standard mode, this kind of concrete products machine has a long service time, superior weather resistance and low consumption. In addition, a great number of components were imported to guarantee the ... MORE
    1. QT8-15 Brick Making Machine
    2. Material storage and distribution system is uniquely designed to guarantee the accuracy of supply, reduce the uneven density caused by self pressure and external factor, and ensure a speedy delivery and precise charging. MORE
    1. QT10-15 Block Making Machine
    2. Quality is in the first place: the design of every component and introduction of every technology have been repeatedly checked by our experts. As to the safety factor, we have left plenty room for coping with unexpected incidents. MORE
    1. QTF10-15 Brick Making Machine
    2. The brick machine, or called concrete products machine, is different form the other ones in that it has layered material distributing structure. Since this kind of brick machine is able to automatically produce pavement-related double ... MORE
    1. QT12-15 Block Making Machine
    2. Control system: controlled by computer, man-machine interface; electrical control devices are all from such global famous brands as Fuji, Omron, etc; based upon 15 practical experience and trend of global development and a purpose ... MORE
    1. Semi Automatic Block Production Line
    2. Well-equipped concrete products production line with highly automated computer operation.
      The programmed finger car is replaced by forklift; pallet elevator and lowerator replaced by palletsizer and lowerator... MORE